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Why Buy a Weed Pen?

With so many different options out there today it can be hard to decide the best way to enjoy your weed. But more and more people are buying and loving what are known as “weed pens.” A weed pen is simply a small, pen-shaped vaporizer that is used to heat up your favorite herb/wax/oil so that the THC is activated and can be inhaled.

There are many reasons to buy a weed pen, but here are some of the top reasons that people love their weed pens:

1.  No Smell – Unlike smoking, using a weed pen has no scent.

2.  Size – Most weed pens are small enough to hide in the palm of your hand.  They can easily fit into your pocket, pocket book, or even behind your ear!

3.  Clean – Unlike bongs and pipes, vaporizers don’t burn the herb/wax/oil. They simply heat it until the THC is activated. This means they don’t have to be regularly cleaned like a bong or pipe.

4.  Durable – Weed pens are usually made from high quality materials that do not break.  Unlike glass pipes and bongs, vaporizer pens can last for a very, very long time.

5.  Health – Vaporizing is unquestionably healthier than smoking. Weed pens do not burn the herbs/oils that you are using. None of the harful toxins that are released when smoking get released when you vaporize.

6.  Stealth – Weed pens are super stealthy! Unfortunately, not everyone is okay with people using cannabis. But they’ll never know if you’re using a weed pen. You can use your vaporizer pen just about anywhere and no one will ever know!


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