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What Exactly Is A Weed Pen?

So, what exactly is a “weed pen?”

Weed pen is just another name for what may be called a vaporizer pen, vape pen, herb pen, herbal vaporizer, or weed vape. It is simply a pen-shaped device that allows you to heat up and activate the THC in your favorite herb or oil. Once it is heated up, you can easily inhale the vapor.

Unlike smoking, using a vaporizer is much safer. When you smoke cannabis or other herbs, you are heating it up to over 1, 000 degrees. This activates the THC so it can be inhaled, but it also releases a number of different toxins.

Weed pens (and all other types of vaporizers) only heat up the herb/oil to between 350 and 400 degrees. This still activates the THC but does not burn the material. This allows for a much safer, smoother, and stealthier experience!

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